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The Illinois Center for Injury Prevention serves the Midwest as a resource for injury research and prevention.

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Our collaborative work was featured in a February Issue of UIC News, detailing findings published in Injury Epidemiology on how many and what kinds of encounters with police led to hospital admissions for civilians in Illinois. Read the Article 

Public Health Minute, a public radio program, recently interviewed Dr. Linda Forst for a show on the ethnic disparities in occupational injuries. Listen below.

Our Advisory Board Director, Dr. Linda Forst, was interviewed by ProPublica in an article discussing the higher rates of job related injuries for temporary workers.
Read the Article 



  • Environmental and Occupational Health Science (EOHS) at UIC
  • Great Lakes Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Illinois Education and Research Center
  • University of Illinois School of Public Health

    Workplace injuries claim the health, well-being, productivity and lives of hundreds of people in the workforce every year. Low wage workers, teens and older workers, immigrants and people with disabilities are disproportionally affected by these injuries. At the Illinois Center for Injury Prevention, we conduct research, interventions and training to prevent occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities. here.  

    Injury and violence are leading causes of death and disability among children, teens, elders, and all drivers. We conduct general injury research, intervention studies and training with the goal of preventing injury at home, in the community and on the roads.  

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    The Injury Prevention Research Center is committed to providing timely and informative research to scientists, journalists and policy decision-makers. Recent findings published by our research group includes:
  • Industry and Occupation in the Electronic Health Record Read more
  • Risk Factors Associated with Legal Interventions Read more
  • Updated Occupational Health Indicators full report, from 1998 to 2011. Read more
  • Analysis of ethnic disparities in workers' compensation claims using data linkage Read more
  • Medical interpretation for immigrant workers Read more
  • Occupational amputations in Illinois 2000-2007: BLS vs. data linkage of trauma registry, hospital discharge, workers compensation databases and OSHA citations Read more
  • Preventing eye injuries among citrus harvesters: the community health worker model Read more
  • Reliability of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment Read more
  • Traumatic occupational injuries in Hispanic and foreign born workers Read more
  • Long-term effects of repealing the national maximum speed limit in the United States Read more
  • A Case-Control Study of Severe Physical Abuse of the Elderly Read more
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