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Cross-disciplinary stakeholders involved in this work include numerous state-wide experts committed to public health and injury reduction.  View list

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Our Advisory Board Director, Dr. Linda Forst, was interviewed regarding her work with Dr. Lee Friendman and others that uncovered how traumatic occupational injuries cluster spatially in specific neighborhoods in Illinois. Read the article here. 


  • Environmental and Occupational Health Science (EOHS) at UIC
  • Great Lakes Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Illinois Education and Research Center
  • University of Illinois School of Public Health


      Faculty  Contributors

      Dr. Linda Forst is the Director of the Illinois Center for Injury Prevention, as well as the Division Director for the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Division. Dr. Forst's primary research interests are in disparities in occupational and community injury. Dr. Forst is board certified in Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine, and maintains a clinical practice.


    Dr. Lee Friedman is a researcher for the Illinois Center for Injury Prevention, and an Assistant Professor in the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Division. Dr. Friedman's research interests include injury epidemiology and occupational health.  
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